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Dr. Zak's: Test of Depression

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Case Study: Dr. Zak developed a test to measure depression. He sampled 100 university students to take his five item test. The group of students was comprised of 30 men and 70 women. In this group, four persons were African American, six persons were Hispanic, and one person was Asian. Zak's Miraculous Test of Depression is printed below:

1. I feel depressed: Yes No

2. I have been sad for the last two weeks: Yes No

3. I have seen changes in my eating and sleeping: Yes No

4. I don't feel that life is going to get better: Yes No

5. I feel happy most of the day: Yes No

Yes = 1; No = 0

The mean on this test is 3.5 with a standard deviation of .5.

What other items do you think need to be included in Dr. Zak's domain sampling?

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The first item to view is what did the sample contain? Was there an equal distribution across the cultures and/or genders? How about ages?

Dr. Zak does not have a good sample in which to norm his test because there are not an equal distribution among the subjects. In order for a good sample to develop, there must be an equal number of men and women as ...