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Restaurant Hours Preference Survey

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I need help developing a survey that will be used to gauge people's preferences for Dairy Queen, considering they are thinking of extending their hours of operations or open up a drive-through. The survey must be appropriate for this research. Can you provide me with some pointers?

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This solution provides guidance for developing a survey that will help gauge consumer preferences with regards to Dairy Queen, as the company is considering extending their hours of operation or opening a drive-through. The response explains the type of questions that ought to be included and provides examples.

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You will be creating a survey here to find out the interest of people if Dairy Queen should extend their hours. It should be short, concise and to the point. However, it should also contain a variety of different questions to keep the interest of the participants. As well, there should be a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions.


Another key element will be money spent: ...

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