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    Data Collection

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    Normal Probabilities - Using Z Score

    A normal distribution has a mean of u= 40 and o=10. if a vertical line is drawn through the distribution at x= 55, what proportion of the scores on the right side of the line? A normal distribution has a u= 80 and o= 10. what is the probability of randomly selecting a score greater than 90 from this distribution? A normal

    Normal distribution - body and tail propotion

    If a vertical line is drawn through a normal distribution at z= 0.50 separates the distribution into two sections, the body and the tail. What proportion of the distribution is in the body? If a vertical line is drawn through a normal distribution at z= 0.50 separates the distribution into two sections, the body and the tail

    Calculation of a population standard deviation

    With p= 80, x= 86and corresponds to z= + 2.00, what is the population standard deviation? If you have a score of x= 65 on an exam, which set of parameters would give you the best grade on the exam? - u= 60 and o= 5 - u=70 and o= 10 - u= 60 and o= 10 - u= 70 and o= 5 If you have a population of u= 50 what value would m

    Probability and Standard Deviation Determination

    please explain how to solve for probability... If i have a class of 14 males and 36 females and the professor selects a name from the class using random sampling what is the probability that the first student selected will be a female? P= If the random sample of n=3 students is selected and the first two are both females w

    Computing Population Mean and Variance

    Please explain in steps how to solve this problem. I have a population of n=5 scores 0, 6, 4, 3, 12 I need to compute mean and standard deviation for the population u____ o_____ I need to find the z score for each of the population, and transform the original population into a new population of n= 5 scores with a me

    Computing Standard Deviation by Applying Standard Normal Formula

    Please explain how to solve for a sample standard deviation with the z-scores. The problem I am working on is given as a sample with M = 51, x = 59 corresponds to z = 2.00. What is the standard deviation? I also have a distribution score of u = 78 If I have a score of x = 70 which standard deviation would give you a

    Mean z score under a standard normal curve

    For a distribution of a standard deviation of o=20 describe the location of the following z scores in its position relative to the mean. z= +200 is located ________ z= +0.50 is located ________ z= -1.00 is located________ z= -0.25 is located_________

    Finding Mean

    Please explain how to do this in simple terms. I am getting stuck after it ask when there is a change in x. The question is like this... Sample score of n=6, smallest score is x=3, largest x=10 and mean M=6. If the largest one is changed from x=10 to x=22 what is the new mean?

    Finding Mean, Median and Mode

    Please explain how to answer this question. I have a frequency distribution table that appears like this: x f 6 1 5 2 4 2 3 2 2 2 1 5 mean (to 2 decimal points) is _____ median is _____ mode is _____ also i tried to figure the mean, median and mode for

    Calculating Population Mean

    Please simplify step by step instructions if you can on how to solve this type of problem. A population of N=15 scores has a mean of M=8. One score in the population is changed from x=20 to x=5. What is the value for the new population mean?

    Finding the Average

    Please explain how I can find the value of a mean. Please simplify it. The sample is n=7 and has a mean of M=9. If one new person is with a score of x=1 is added to the sample what is the value of the new mean?

    Mean & Paired T-Tests

    A study is being conducted to see if swearing can help reduce pain. Each participant is asking to plunge their hand in ice as long as the pain would allow. In one condition, the participant repeatedly yelled their favorite curse word. In the other condition they repeated a neutral word. Here is what the information given loo

    Sampling Technique Identification

    Identify the sampling technique being used. Every 20th patient that comes into the emergency room is given a satisfaction survey upon their discharge. a. random sampling b. cluster sampling c. systematic sampling d. stratified sampling e. none of the above

    Financial Math

    Address Following: - Why are ratios useful? What three groups use ratios, and for what reasons? - What qualitative factors should analysts look for when evaluating a company's likely future financial performance? Explain. - You are training a new financial analyst who lacks experience. What are the most critical steps of fi

    Summary Statistics and Data Collection

    What are the three measures of central tendency? What are measures of variation? How do you determine which summary statistics (numerical measures) are most appropriate to describe certain variables? How do you determine which graph types are most appropriate to describe certain variables? Which numerical measures (

    IRB ethic directives

    Give details on following items that have shaped the modern IRB (Institutional Review Board). Then compare and contract the directives analyzing how each is important to the IRB ethic directives. One page to each of the three directives: Nuremberg Code Declaration of Helsinki Belmont Report

    Bar Graph and Histogram

    I need some help answering these questions: 1). Explain when and why a histogram is appropriate for describing the data. 2). Explain when and why a Bar Graph is appropriate for describing the data. 3). What particular elements of the graph do you want the reader to notice when viewing a histogram? 4). What is the overall

    Data Analysis: Multiple Regression

    Based on the hypothetical research question: What do early childhood educators report about their experiences, attitudes, knowledge and belief about father involvement in their programs? How would you measure multiple regression in this study?

    Real-life problem using independent sample t-test

    This assignment involves displaying an understanding of an independent t-test. Based on my hypothetical research question: What do early childhood educators report about their experiences with fathers' involvement in their programs? How would you do an independent t-test in this study? Your sample will help me to gain kn

    Using Multiple Regression to explain Engagement in early Childhood Programs

    I am currently working on a research project and need a sample or correlation analysis based on my research topic which is: Early Childhood Educators: Attitude toward father engagement in early childhood programs. The data collection method is going to be interviews with teachers/teacher assistants of early childhood programs.

    Sports Apparel Company Forecasting

    Forecasting: The sales data for the lone star Sports Apparel Company for the last 12 years are as follows: 2001 $400,000 2002 440,000 2003 480,000 2004 518,000 2005 554,000 2006 587,000 2007 617,000 2008 654,000 2009 700,000 2010 756,000 2011 824,000 2012 906,000 Questions: a. What is the 2

    Linear Regression: Height vs. Weight

    Using an example from a hospital, create a mock data set for two specific variables of importance within hospital (minimum of 20). The data may be used for quality measures, patient inputs, demographics, financial data, etc. Define the variables. Include information on how the data is collected. Create a mock data set table.

    Deep Understanding for Bonds and Stocks

    1. What are the primary differences between investments in corporate stock versus corporate bonds? 2. Since bonds pay interest, does that imply the individuals risk exposure is less for investing in bonds rather than stock? 3. What are the mechanics of purchasing bonds? May the investor leave the bonds with his or her broker?

    Statistics Graphing

    See attachment 1) A teacher asked each of her students how many novels they had read in the previous six months. The results are shown below. 0 1 5 4 2 1 3 2 2 7 2 5 0 1 0 1 1 2 6 0 2 3 1 2 7 1 4 2 3 1 7 0 0 2 1 1 0 6 1 7 Construct a frequency table for the number of novels read. 2) The frequency table shows the

    Statistics Definitions Problem

    1) Determine whether the evaluated group is a population or a sample. a) Based on a randomly selected group of 500 patients with high cholesterol, it was found that 67% have heart disease. Is this a population or a sample? Explain your answer. b) An investigation of 150 randomly selected local restaurants concluded that 42% of

    Chebyshev's inequality and sample standard deviations

    36) Chebyshev's Inequality According to the US Census Bureau the mean of the commute time to work for a resident of Boston, Massachusetts, is 27.3 minutes. Assume that the standard deviation of the commute time is 8.1 minutes to answer the following: (a) What minimum percentage of commuters in Boston has a commute time within 2

    Surveying and Data Collection

    Just need your input. 1. You are the principal of a large urban high school and wish to do a parent survey to determine how parents feel about same-sex classes. Your budget does not allow you to send out surveys to all parents. You are considering one of two procedures. Please critique each procedure for its likelihood of get