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    Probability and Standard Normal Distribution

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    Please explain how to set up and solve:
    mean= 0
    standard deviation= 1

    p(-0.35 < z < 2.35)=____

    p(-0.65 < z< 0.65)=_____

    p(-0.30 < z < 1.00)= ____

    p(-1.96 < z < 2.60)=____

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    Hello student,

    Since on this problem

    mean= 0
    standard deviation= 1

    We know the intention is for us to consult standard tables. Your textbook should have a "Standard Normal Table" although the name may slightly vary and the values may have three or four decimal places. Use your book's table for your homework.

    In this example I will use the one from Wikipedia: ...

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    This solution explains how to calculate unit normal probabilities in the form of p (-1.96 < z < 2.60) from a table and checking with a calculator using values of mean=0 and standard deviation=1.