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    Computing Standard Deviation by Applying Standard Normal Formula

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    Please explain how to solve for a sample standard deviation with the z-scores.

    The problem I am working on is given as a sample with M = 51, x = 59 corresponds to z = 2.00.
    What is the standard deviation?

    I also have a distribution score of u = 78
    If I have a score of x = 70 which standard deviation would give you a better grade o= 4 or o= 8?
    If the score was x = 80 which standard deviation would give you the better score the o= 4 or o= 8?
    How do I set this problem up to be solved?

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    1. We know that z = (x-M)/sd where sd is what we need to solve.

    So 2.00 = (59-51)/sd, so sd = 4

    2. Now x = 70 ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on computing standard deviation by applying standard normal formula and also comparing the z scores.