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    Probability and Standard Deviation Determination

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    please explain how to solve for probability...
    If i have a class of 14 males and 36 females and the professor selects a name from the class using random sampling what is the probability that the first student selected will be a female?

    If the random sample of n=3 students is selected and the first two are both females what is the probability that the third student selected will be a male?

    If i have a mean = 0
    standard deviation =1

    z= -2.25 and z= +2.25

    z= -2.50 and z = +2.50

    z= - 0.70 and z= +0.70

    How do i set this problem up to solve?

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    1. P(female)=36/(14+36)=0.72

    2. Since we select 3 students, first two are females. ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on computing probability using random sampling and using standard normal distribution.