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    Data Collection

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    Elections: Sampling variability and standard error

    Polls showed the two main candidates in the 2004 presidential election were nearly tied on the day before the election. To predict the winner, a newspaper would like to have a poll that has margin of error less than 1%. Roughly how large a sample would be needed for such a poll?

    Baisc Statistics Questions

    What research study includes repeated observations over a period of time? What type of research uses focus groups or small studies to get a "feel" for the problem? What means in name only, data that consist of observations that can only be classified and counted by category and have no inherent order? Sing basic researc

    Statistical Research Terminology

    Match these terms to the description: Longitudinal Descriptive Nominal Applied research Interval Exploratory Ratio Ordinal Causal Basic research Operational definition Cross-sectional 1. A research study which includes repeated observations over a period of time. 2. A type of research that uses focus grou

    Data Collection paper

    1. Data Collection Paper use the Internet, Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR), or other resources to locate at least four peer-reviewed, scholarly research articles that are relevant to your research topic. Write a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you include an edited version of last week's learning team paper and the following

    Describe key data collection methods

    1. Describe 5 data collection techniques in your own words. Be sure to cite any sources you used. 2. Explain why the examination of collected data is so important.

    NASA Scheduling Problem

    NASA's astronaut crew currently includes 10 mission specialists who hold a Ph.D. in either astrophysics or astromedicine. One of these specialists will be assigned to each of the 10 flights scheduled for the upcoming 9 months. Mission specialists are responsible for carrying out scientific and medical experiments in space or

    Matching terms used in research to their definitions

    Match the letter of the term on the right to the definition of that term on the left. Definitions 1. A research study which includes repeated observations over a period of time. ____ 2. A type of research that uses focus groups or small studies to get a "feel" for the problem. ____ 3. It means in name only, data t

    Development of R and x¯ charts

    The Goodman Tire and Rubber Company periodically tests its tires for tread wear under simulated road conditions. To study and control the manufacturing process, 20 samples, each containing three radial tires, were chosen from different shifts over several days of operation, with the following results. Assuming that these data

    Randomized Complete Block Design

    Suppose a factory manager wishes to buy machines to perform a certain task in a production process. Certain key parts are produced by these machines. There are three companies that make such machines and, furthermore, he obtains one from each company for testing which of the three is best suited for this purpose. Each machine

    Methods of Collecting Data

    c. Data collection 1) Display your data in both tabular and graphical format 2) Identify some primary data collection methods that could be used to collect data 3) Discuss any possible ethical concerns regarding the collection of data House # 1 $307,800, 2,000 sq ft., 21 mile from city center House # 2 $281,300, 2,1

    Five point scale

    Here is a scenario, which uses graphical displays, and your job is to assess accuracy of the result. Suppose the administrator of your hospital wanted to reduce the number of nurses on staff and distributed a survey concerning this possibility. The results that came back appeared to be overwhelmingly against the project, but t

    Sampling Error Analysis - M&Ms

    I have an assignment in which I am to calculate the sampling error from a bag of M & M's. the directions were to go buy a bag of M & M's from the store and count the colors. The go to M & M's web site and get the % counts of each color. Compare your counts (%) to those of the M & M web site. Calculate your sampling error

    Samples studied when we want to know about populations

    Can you tell me why are samples studied when we want to know about populations? Why are random samples used instead of just any sample? How would you determine an appropriate sample size? If there are any reference please provide.

    Data Collection - Ciello

    A manufacturer collected data concerning a new prototype car called Ciello. (See the Excel file attached to this message.) a) Is there any difference in male and female attitudes toward the Ciello? b) What is the relationship between intention to purchase and gender? c) Is there anything unusual about th

    Continuous Data Collection and Analysis Paper

    The data MUST be at least 30 and continuous data. Some examples are the actual weight of 5-lbs bean bags sold at Wal-Mart, the time given by a park-o-meter for 25 cents, the height of 30 people you know, the length of drive to work for 30 day, the time it takes you to brush your teeth, Gas prices for 30 stations for the same c

    Research Process Outline

    Identify a research issue, opportunity, or problem that uses data that has absolute zero measurements. Some examples include a team member's stock portfolios performance, increase in customer returns or complaints, reduction of profit, High absenteeism in the department, and commute time to work for employees and so forth.

    Cross-Sectional Studies and Case-Control

    The following is a case-control study: Obtaining histories and other information from a group of known cases and from a comparison group to determine the relative frequency of a characteristic or exposure under study. Why is a study of the incidence of cancer in men who have quit smoking not an example of a case-control stu

    A cohort study - selecting a defined population

    Question: In a cohort study, the advantage of starting by selecting a defined population for the study before any of its members become exposed, rather than starting by selecting exposed and non-exposed individuals, is ________________. Answer: A number of exposures can be studied simultaneously. Why isn't this the right

    Lack of Randomization

    A major problem resulting from the lack of randomization in a cohort study is: the possibility that a factor that led to the exposure, rather than the exposure itself, might have caused the disease (correct answer). Why is the following NOT considered a correct choice for the answer to the question? (The possibility that a

    Cohort Studies and Etiology

    In cohort studies of the role of a suspected factor in the etiology of a disease, it is essential that: The exposed and non-exposed groups under study be as similar as possible with regard to possible confounding factors. The Review Questions answers do not address (why nots)...So why is the answer not: There should be equal

    Double-Blind Studies

    The purpose of a double blind or double masked study is to avoid observer and subject bias. Why is "achieve comparability of treated and untreated subjects" not correct? If the study is double blinded, is not the objective equal and unbiased comparability of treated and untreated subjects??

    Randomized Trials

    The major purpose of random assignment in a clinical trial is to reduce selection bias in the allocation of treatment. Why is "help ensure that study subjects are representative of the general population" not a correct choice for an answer?

    Identifying sources of error

    Please help with the following problem. Read the attached case study (it is about an intelligence testing situation) and identify three aspects of the testing situation, including characteristics and behaviors of both tester and test-taker, that might have introduced error into the test score. Also, briefly comment on how yo

    Statistics Questions :sample question

    How would you do it? What sampling technique would you use to select the sample for the study and why? Will the technique you choose give you a sample that is representative of the population? Describe the method for collecting data Identify possible flaws or biases in your study Data Classification What type o

    Ethical Practices in Statistics

    The statistical research was done primarily through the internet from governmental regulated sources. Estimates were used in consideration of absence of actual information. a. Identify two to three sources of ethical issues in your statistical research and data collection. b. Evaluate potential biases in your

    Managing Research Design

    Coffee Time is a company that is interested in the coffee-drinking habits of people in India. What is the problem in asking subjects: How many cups of coffee have you consumed in the past 30 days? What subjects would be the most likely to provide an accurate description? How could this question be modified to provide more accura

    EReliaiblity and Validity

    4. Explain each of the following. If appropriate, give an example. a) Difference between a reliability and validity of a test. b) Can a test be reliable but not valid? Explain through an example. c) Content validity: how is it different from other types of validities? d) What are the differences between the criterion rela