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    Methods of Collecting Data

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    c. Data collection
    1) Display your data in both tabular and graphical format
    2) Identify some primary data collection methods that could be used to collect data
    3) Discuss any possible ethical concerns regarding the collection of data

    House # 1 $307,800, 2,000 sq ft., 21 mile from city center
    House # 2 $281,300, 2,100 sq ft., 16 mile from city center

    The data is located on spreadsheet sent with this.

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    The mean price of rental homes located 14-19 miles from the city centre is 219.12, whereas that for 19-24 miles is 206.63, which is expected because the farther one moves away from the city centre, the cheaper the prices would go. The standard deviation is larger for homes closer to the city compared to that for houses farther from the ...

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