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    Data Collection

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    Methods of Data Collection

    A marketing research firm, in conducting a comparative taste test, provided three types of peanut butter to a sample of households randomly selected within the state. Which of the four methods of data collection is involved when people are asked to compare the three types of peanut butter? a. Published sources b. Experimenta

    Prepare an analysis for Piggybank that compares the two incentive options

    DETAILS: Prepare an analysis (NOT in the ppt format) for Piggybank that compares the two incentive options: A. cash back when the consumer makes an online purchase, and B. cash back when the consumer makes a purchase at a clothing store. See the attached pdf file and use the statistical information data from 2004 2nd quar

    US Census and Variables

    I am just trying gather some information on this opinionated question: Could the US Census be made more useful? What variables do you think should be added? What variables should be eliminated? (When I say variables I am referring to the data gathered for the Census, such as age, sex, ethnicity)

    5 data collection techniques

    1. Describe 5 data collection techniques in your own words. 2. Explain to me why the examination of collected data is so important.

    Secondary and Primary Data Preference

    Some researchers solely depend on secondary data, instead of primary data. 1. Why might this be the case? Can you give me two examples? THANK YOU, your HELP is GREATLY appreciated.

    The Fundamentals of Statistics

    As part of AIU's Job Satisfaction Study, data will need to be collected from individuals. Describe 5 data collection techniques in your own words. Be sure to cite any sources you used. Explain why the four demographic questions you included in your survey are important and/or are of interest to the study. Any help will

    I have a hypothetical experimental design

    Name two weaknesses of the following design (i.e, threats to either internal or external validity). Describe how the weaknesses could be overcome. A. O1 X O2 Two group Pretest- Posttest O1 -- O2 Note: O = Pretest Observations O2 = Posttest Observations X= Treatment (R) = Random Sel

    Primary and Secondary Research

    How would managers find benefit in helping them to obtain valuable information in problem identification research. Discuss whether these data are secondary or primary and justify your answers 1. Forecasting and business trend research 2. Market share and market potential 3. Segmentation and marketing mix research

    Conducting research in natural settings is questioned.

    Conducting research in natural settings is difficult and challenging, but provides the reward of _____________ (a) internal validity, (b) statistical validity, (c) face validity, (d) good generalization of results to real-world settings

    Research instructions are discussed.

    All instructions to the participants, procedures, and tests should be ___________ (a) prepared and piloted, (b) ambiguous, (c) non-defensive and user friendly, (d) creative and original This question is presented.

    Problems in Administration Procedures

    Problems in administration procedures __________ (a)occur only once the data has been collected, (b)should be solved in pretesting before data collection, (c)do not occur if an established procedure is used, (d)should be handled on a participant-by-participant basis.

    The Effects of External Validity

    The major effect of reduced external validity is ______________ a) difficulty in generalizing laboratory experimentation to the natural environment b) a decrease in external validity as well c) a decrease in all types of validity d) that it invalidates the study.

    A question about naturalistic methodology is offered.

    A researcher uses naturalistic methodology to study dating behavior in college students. He/she finds the behavior on dates is strongly affected by alcohol (i.e., the more students drink alcohol the more uninhibited they become during dates). With this information ______________ (a) establish a specific proposition that al

    Generalizations are briefly depicted.

    This question is emphasized: We can always generalize safely from a sample to a general population, We can always generalize safely from a sample to a target population, We can never generalize safely to a general population, or We can only generalize safely to the population from which we have taken the sample.

    The external validity

    Dr. Veda recruited several students from her research methods course to serve as research participants in one of her experiments. Given that they are highly interested in research methods and are all doing very well in her research methods course, the external validity of Dr. Verda's study may be limited to a. A ceiling eff

    Double-blind procedure study

    Researchers at Pharm-X, a pharmaceutical company, are testing and comparing the effects of Drug A and Drug B on participants' allergies. The researchers are using a double-blind procedure to conduct their test. This means that a. The participants know which drug they are receiving. b. The experimenters administering the dr

    Manipulating an independent variable

    Dr. Friedman, an environmental psychologist, presented various amounts of background noise to his participants. He measured whether their answers to a standard set of mental problems were affected. His approach to manipulating his independent variable involved a. Manipulating the content b. Manipulating the social settin

    Educational psychology procedures are noted.

    Jack is doing a project in educational psychology. Before the experiment, he rank-orderes all his participants according to achievement test scores. He takes the top two scores and randomly assigns one to the experimental group and one to the control group Then he takes the next two scores and randomly assigns one to the ex

    Converging operations is the focal topic.

    Anthony is measuring his participants' emotional states in two different ways (self-report and galvanic skin response) in order to gain a greater confidence that he is actually measuring the emotional that he thinks he is. What is using multiple dependent measures in one study?

    ABA design and intended effect.

    In an ABA design, for us to correctly conclude that the treatment variable had intended effect on an individual participant. a. Behavior should differ from baseline in the second phase and return to baseline in the third phase. b. Behavior should differ from baseline in the second phase and should not return to baseline in t

    internal validity experiment

    This area is emphasized: A field experiment, as opposed to a laboratory study, does not offer the advantage of higher a. External validity b. Internal validity c. Ecologival validity d. Experimental realism

    Health effects of daily orange juice are listed.

    This job records the type of research used: true lab experiment quasi-experiment field-experiment correlation design A researcher at the Mr. Juicy Orance Juice Factory wanted to know the effects of drinking orange juice on an individual's health. He obtained the local doctor's records in his small town conducted a phone


    A meat processing plant has processed an average of 100 tons per day for the last several years. Newer processing machines have been installed recently. The quality control manager would like to know whether this average has improved. She randomly selects 40 days from the computer database and computes the average and standar

    Expression for the OC curve

    A single test on a certain device costs more than the entire lot. It is therefore decreed that not more than three tests will be performed per lot. The following acceptance plan will therefore be employed: Test two units. If both function accept the lot. If both fail, reject the lot. Otherwise test another item. If it fai

    Survey Data in Excel

    I collected the survey data in excel. People were asked to rank the various projects from 1-9. Please, (1) Help me do a report in excel that sums up the results that are useful to management. (2) For the future, teach me how I can collect more results and re-run the data analysis in (excel?). I will be getting more resu

    Factor analysis

    For the following set of data determine whether it is appropriate to perform Factor analysis (check all necessary statistical tests, and residuals.)