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US Census and Variables

I am just trying gather some information on this opinionated question:
Could the US Census be made more useful? What variables do you think should be added? What variables should be eliminated? (When I say variables I am referring to the data gathered for the Census, such as age, sex, ethnicity)

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Hello from Cleveland, Ohio.
Glad to help you out with your situation. Like all other responses I post you have to ride along while I give a little pre-emptive lecture. Questions, regardless of area, always have a history, and you question about the Census is no different.

I bet you a hundred dollars, and I would be more but I am broke, that the census came from the Constitution of the United States of America. It was nowhere near being the very first census ever done,however. The word "census" is Latin, and it means to the word we all fear ... "tax."

In the year of 1787, the United States became the first nation to make a census mandatory in its constitution. Article One, Section Two of this historic document directs that "Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states...according to their respective numbers..." It then goes on to tell how the "numbers", or "people" of the United States would be counted and when for the purpose of garnering tax revenue.

Therefore, the first census was started in the year of 1790. The ...

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This solution gives background information on the history of US Census and how it began for tax purposes and changed over the years to include questions on construction, housing and others. It also contains suggestions on how the census could be made more efficient and useful.