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Drinking and driving: identify the variables

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A social psychologist is studying college students attitudes toward drinking and driving. He is specifically interested in attitude change as a result of years in college and of viewing the consequences of drinking and driving accidents. He exposes freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to photos that depict either mild (broken arms and legs, scratches), moderate (serious injury, broken ribs, people pinned in cars), or strong (deadly accidents, smashed bodies, white sheets covering bloody corpses) visual consequences of drinking and driving accisents. After viewing the pictures, students record their attitudes towards drinking and driving on a questionnaire.
Identify the following:
Independent variable
Levels of the independent variable
Dependent variable.

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Solution Summary

Identifies the independent variable, levels of the independent variable and dependent variable.

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Independent variable

There are two independent variables:
1) Years in college
2) viewing of the consequences of drinking and driving ...

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