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Reliability and Validity of a Survey

I have a 20 page paper to write and I'm stuck. My example is this I am a psychologist working for a consulting firm that specializes in survey development. My firm has been contacted by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) to develop a survey that will identify teenagers who are at-risk for driving while intoxicated. M.A.D.D. has provided a list of questions that its research suggests will help to identify risk factors contributing to this behavior. M.A.D.D. needs my firm to work with its members to establish reliability and validity of this survey so that they can begin using it to establish risk in young adults across the nation. What steps would I take to establish reliability and validity of this survey?

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A survey would be considered quantitative research. To establish validity you must determine if these things are applicable (1).

1. Does the survey measure what it was intended to measure?

2. Does it characterize the content?

3. Is it appropriate for ...

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This solution describes a quantitative research survey to identify at risk teens for drinking and driving to determine if it meets the qualifications to be reliable and valid.