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    The external validity

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    Dr. Veda recruited several students from her research methods course to serve as research participants in one of her experiments. Given that they are highly interested in research methods and are all doing very well in her research methods course, the external validity of Dr. Verda's study may be limited to

    a. A ceiling effect.
    b. Participant mortality.
    c. A floor effect.
    d. Participant sophistication.

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    Answer: d. participant sophistication

    The wording of this question seems a bit ambiguous. Since External Validity is the extent to which the results of a research study can be generalized to the population, other populations, other settings, other situations, etc., we generally consider three threats to external validity.

    - Participants: If the participants in the study are too different from a population where you want to apply the results, you have a threat to external validity due to participants. For ...

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