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The Importance of Internal and External Validity in Research

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When it comes to conducting experimental research, interpretation of the results can be influenced greatly by the extent to which an experiment has internal and external validity. Discuss the importance of external and internal validity and some of the threats to each of these. What is the impact of having one type of validity but not the other? If you could only have one type of validity in your experiment which would it be and why?

250-300 words and utilize at least two scholarly sources, cited in APA format.

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Internal validity is very important to any form of experimental research, due to the fact that internal validity has a great deal to do with how accurate the results are within a given experiment. Due to the fact that it is the purpose of any experimental research to be highly accurate and effective in ascertaining the answers to the questions that it is seeking answers to, a high degree of accuracy is absolutely essential to the overall validity of the experiment. An important threat to the internal ...

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