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    Anti-Abortion Commercial: Marketing Variables in an Experiment

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    A pro life-group wanted to test the effectiveness of an antiabortion commercial. Two random samples, each of 250 respondents, were recruited in Atlanta, Georgia. One group was shown the antiabortion commercial. Then, attitudes toward abortion were measured for respondents in both groups.

    What would be the independent and dependent variables?
    In this experiment and what type of potential threats to external and internal validity in this experiment?

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    This question wants you to evaluate an attitude study carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of an antiabortion commercial. This study is carried out in Atlanta, Georgia and wants you to identify the independent variables, independent variables, and the potential threats to external and internal validity.

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    1. The procedure for the selection of the respondents.
    2. The selection of Atlanta, Georgia as the area from which the samples have been selected.
    3. The demographic characteristics of the selected group.
    4. The previous exposure of these respondents to other antiabortion commercials.
    5. The prior exposure of these respondents to medical details about abortion and its implications for the mothers and ...

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    This solution identifies 5 independent variables, 5 dependent variables, 5 threats to external validity and six threats to internal validity and helps discuss some important elements of marketing research. This solution is 523 words.