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Sources of Error

Please help with the following problem.

Read the attached case study (it is about an intelligence testing situation) and identify three aspects of the testing situation, including characteristics and behaviors of both tester and test-taker, that might have introduced error into the test score. Also, briefly comment on how you think these sources of error might influence the test taker's score.


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Here are several aspects of the testing situation that may have introduced error into the test score. You can choose three of the following to use as your answer.

1. Dr. Frakes is dependent on Howie's father for his job: Dr. Frakes may consciously or unconsciously try to raise Howie's test score in order to make Howie's father happy.

2. Howie's father says "I know he's going to ace this IQ test of yours" in Howie's presence: Hearing his ...

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The following posting helps with problems regarding a case study that involves identifying sources of error. Concepts discussed include aspects of a testing situation such as characteristics and behaviors.