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An exploration of self-esteem and research methods

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Given this scenario, formulate a research question that could be investigated with less than US $10,000.
An elder-care facility has a problem with self-esteem of its clients. This is affecting the facilities monthly income as some clients are finding alternative housing options. As a result the facility is looking at dropping additional services, which may in turn affect self-esteem even more.
Given this scenario, develop three specific research questions that could be used to address this problem. Why do you feel that the research questions you specified are appropriate?

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Self-esteem is a psychological concept used to assess an individuals perspective of their own self-worth based largely on their beliefs (I am a good person) and their emotions (depression, joy, etc.). Therefore, your three questions should likely be centered around asking the participants how they view themselves, how they think of themselves, how they feel on a regular basis. These types of questions are often best developed using a scale similar to the Rosenberg Self-esteem scale ...

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