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Need assistance with completing an annotated bibliography

Identify seven academic sources on the topic of Mother-Daughter relationships and daughter self-esteem. Does this problem have a positive or negative correlation?

For the articles, touch on:
- Analyze the methodological structure of reviewed research studies.
- Evaluate data analysis techniques in both qualitative and quantitative studies
- Apply research concepts to special and culturally diverse populations
- Apply research findings to practice in the counseling field.
- Illustrate the impact of research methods on theory and practice with examples from the literature.

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1. Mahaffy, Kimberly A. (2004) Girls' Low Self-Esteem: How Is It Related to Later Socioeconomic Achievements? Gender and Society. 18(3), 309-327

- It is clear that female self esteem is partly responsible for success in the future. Parental involvement is also essential in developing self-esteem.
- This is a quantitative study dealing with self esteem in boys and girls.
- Adolescent girls seem to have lower self esteem than boys the same age.
- Surveys used.
- Self esteem has a greater impact on men than women in terms of professional success.
- Social context can cancel these correlations: things like class and race do matter here as well, not just gender.

2. Amato, Paul R. (1994) Father-Child Relations, Mother-Child Relations, and Offspring Psychological Well-Being in Early Adulthood. Journal of Marriage and Family, 56(4), 1031-1042

Quantitative study of 471 adults.
- Main finding: good relations with fathers leads to better life chances in the future.
- Closeness to fathers is INDEPENDENT of closeness to mothers in terms of basic life success (including self esteem). So even if the mother-daughter relationship is bad, self-esteem (and general happiness) can be created through closeness to the father.

3. Demo, David H. (1992) The Self-Concept Over Time: Research Issues and Directions. Annual Review of Sociology, 18, 303-326

- This is only indirectly related ...

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The methodological structures review are analyzed.