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    Proposal paper

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    Write a proposal paper (1,250-1,500 words) for a major change project that you would like to lead.
    Identify a health care issue that interests you and explain why.
    Develop a rationale using evidence-based research, including:
    1) The background.
    2) Statistical findings.
    3) Probable stakeholders.
    4) Logical conclusions.
    Design an implementation plan for the project, including:
    1) A communications plan.
    2) Creation of a design and implementation team by roles.
    List the strategies you would use to lead the team to success and identify potential obstacles that may be faced, along with plans to deal with them.
    Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,

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    Organ Donation - Proposal Paper

    In the last decade there was an increased demand for transplanting human organs. That is because the repeated failure of transplants the hospital have made over these past ten years as well as the deficiencies in the post-transplant outcome programs. The high rise in demand for organ transplant led to an organ crisis due to deficiency in the transplantation organs. That led to long waiting lists of people with transplants needs in the hospitals. For instance, back in 2006 there were almost 100,000 people on the waiting list, and 6,300 of them died while waiting for organs. The deficit for organs has made many people die and a search for other options, such as dialysis (Wendy, 2005) started to rise. There are a few pathways and strategies that have possessed the capacity to give commonsense answers for this and other organ donation related issues. With a specific end goal to give an inside and out investigation of this issue, this paper gives a brief history of organ donation, measurements, pros and cons donation of organs, history encompassing organ donation and answers for organ donation related issues.
    1. An overview of Organ Donation
    The organ donation pioneer was a kidney transplant performed in 1954. There was no rejection from the body since the contributor was an indistinguishable twin of the beneficiary. The kidney beneficiary lived 8 more years and the specialist who did the transplant, Dr. Joseph Murray, won the Nobel Prize in that year for his genius work. The first heart beneficiary lived for just 18 days, yet the patient did not pass away from heart related problems, but for issues related to immunology. These two cases show both the difficulties and guarantees of organ transplantation. The new organs are able to extend the beneficiary's life, but unfortunately there is a shortage of organs currently. Unless the beneficiary and benefactor are indistinguishable twins, there will always be an organ rejection.
    2. Statistics of Organ Donations
    Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network has been leading an organ donation research in New York State. The conclusion was that more than 10,000 ...

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    Write a proposal paper for a major change project that you would like to lead.