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    Inductive vs. deductive essay on teacher strikes

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    Choose to write about one of the following topics in a short, one to one and one-half page theme. If you choose one of the topics from 1 through 3, you will probably find that any background information is presented in inductive form, and your writing will need to follow an inductive format.

    Background information you encounter for topics 4 through 6 will probably be deductive, and your essay should be deductive in format. If you choose to deal with a topic from 1 to 3, you are going to be trying to build toward the generalization that you may have taken as the topic. For topics 4 to 6, you will work deductively and start with the generalization and try to prove it. In this theme you are to either affirm or oppose the topic statement, and as you write you will present the information in what may turn out to be similar to a five paragraph essay format. You will need an introduction and a conclusion as well as at least three body paragraphs. At the conclusion of your theme, cite the source/s you used for information.


    Ghosts have been proven to exist.
    Swimming is a perfect exercise.
    Driver's licenses should not be issued to anyone younger than 18.
    After school has started, it should not be legal for public school teachers to strike.
    Academic requirements in high schools should be more rigorous.
    Since 9/11, the people in this country have become more security conscious.

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    This theme is formatted generally in the same way as any standard persuasive essay, with an introductory paragraph that introduces the reader to the topic, three to five body paragraphs which each introduce and discuss one of your arguments, and a conclusion paragraph that sums up what your essay has had to say, without repeating yourself. The primary difference between any old persuasive essay, as just described, and an inductive or a deductive essay that is specified for this assignment, is how the arguments to persuade the reader are organized.

    Inductive reasoning starts from the specific details, and uses them to make a generalization. A persuasive essay that is written inductively begins with the reasons, and concludes with the generalization (which in this case would be the topic you have chosen). Deductive reasoning begins with the generalization (your topic or thesis statement in the introductory paragraph) and then presents the arguments which support that thesis statement. Think of them as triangles. Inductive is a triangle upside down, standing on its point. It starts with details, and ends with the broad statement. Deductive is a triangle on its base, like a pyramid. It starts with the broad generalization, and gets to the specific details.

    There is no "correct" choice from among the topics you have to choose from in the assignment. What matters in a persuasive essay is not the topic, or whether you are proving (affirm) or disproving (oppose) the topic, but instead the sound reasoning and examples that you use to support your position - whatever that position might be. I suggest that you choose one of the topics that you have some knowledge or experience about, or one that you feel strongly about, since that ...

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