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Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

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Chose a topic and give a brief inductive argument on a topic, followed by a brief deductive argument on the same topic. Then explain whether one type of argument was easier to develop than the other and why. Explain what this experience tells you about the nature and possible limitations of inductive and deductive reasoning

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This solution describes the nature and limitation of inductive and deductive reasoning. The two argument are compared to determine which one is easier to develop.

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Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

(1) Choose a topic and Give a brief inductive argument on a topic followed by a brief deductive argument on the same topic.

A good topic to explore in terms deductive and inductive reasoning would be the present and controversial gun debate. For example, from the perspective of a deductive argument, an argument can be made that -guns are a primary cause of violence in our society, thus all guns shall be banned in public places. Deductive reasoning helps individuals to use arguments to connect propositions and draw conclusions (Sternberg, 2006, 456). Further, deductive reasoning explores the implications of statements about the world. If the connection between the statements follows a logical pattern, then if the first statement is true, the second one must necessarily be true. However, according to Sternberg, one of the failures of deductive reasoning is that although a statement can be true, the conclusion can be false. Thus the question is posed should all guns be banned in public buildings? For this conclusion to be true those who carry guns in public places to protect society such as security guards and policemen will have to be considered.

On the other hand, if it is stated inductively, guns is the leading preventative cause of death in public buildings, guns cause a number of unexpected deaths; a majority of ...

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