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    Inductive and Deductive Reasoning in Persuasion

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    What is inductive reasoning? What is deductive reasoning? Which is more likely to be useful when practicing the art of persuasion? Why?

    Can we think without using language? How can language influence our perceptions?

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    What is inductive reasoning? What is deductive reasoning?

    Induction and deduction are the two modes of scientific ways of knowing (Epistemology). One acquires knowledge through Inductive reasoning when the activities involve studying patterns, observing them through the senses, and making generalizations.
    Deductive reasoning is just the opposite of the inductive one. It is reasoning from statements/propositions that are generally believed or known to be true, and then move on to observe particular/individual cases for confirmation/refutation. The following illustrates how they both help us in developing theories.

    Deductive Model of Inductive Model of
    Theory development Theory development