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    The Glass Menagerie

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    Projections on a screen are rarely used in stage productions of The Glass Menagerie, and critics have generally condemned such a device as a distraction likely to reduce the action on the stage to melodrama or parody. Is the effect melodramatic? Parodic? Does it seem likely that it would detract from the stage action? In some instances, such devices are used by playwrights to convey ideas they cannot present in the dialogue and action on the stage itself. Is that the case (even intermittently or partially) in The Glass Menagerie? Give your reasoning why you feel this way.

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    First off, yes, I personally agree with the critics on this topic for several reasons. For me, I think that projections on a screen should be banned in stage productions of The Glass Menagerie. I, too, generally condemn these devices as both a distraction and a misplaced prop or ...

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