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    Tennessee Williams: Character Conflict in The Glass Menagerie

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    In the play, 'Glass Menagerie', can you explain to me how each character escapes from conflicts with others or from inner conflict?

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    The character's escape from outer and inner conflict is what this play is all about. Their escape revolves around memory; memory that distorts the past, is faulty, is selective and not true reality. Since memory is different for each character, it is what choses their escape routes for them. The characters of the play are Tom Wingfield, the son, brother, and narrator; Amanda, the mother; and, Laura, daughter and sister.

    The major conflict of which all of the Wingfield's struggle against is hopelessness. Tom wants to escape a dead end job; Amanda wants to escape the memories of a husband who abandoned his family ...

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    This post comprises of an in depth review of how the characters in this play deal with their conflicts. It is a Word document of over 350 words; the student should be able to disseminate the role memories play in how the characters conflicts are resolved through illusions.