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Deception in "The Glass Menagerie"

The Glass Menagerie. Ponder the types of deception you see going on in one or more of the characters.
Consider the following questions (you do not have to answer all of them):
Is anyone deliberately deceiving another person?
Is there any self-deception going on?
How does the deception affect the relationships?

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As you brainstorm for your essay, please allow some of my notes and ideas to help.

As you make a thesis statement, you might model something like "The Glass Menagerie is a riveting play that resonates with deception. Even the title itself demonstrates that glass figures are not real animals: instead, they are merely illusions. Thus, the theme of self-deception occurs within several main characters such as Tom, Amanda, and Laura."

As you then look at how each character shows this trait, you might talk about how deception not only alienates the characters socially, physically, and emotionally from the outside world, but the ...

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Deception in "The Glass Menagerie" is exemplified.