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    Gloria Naylor's emotional prose

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    In "Lucielia Louise Turner," Naylor is celebrated for her ability to write "emotional prose." Is the lengthy description of Mattie's attentions to Ciel, after the funeral, an example of "emotional prose"? If so, what creates the emotion?

    o The rhythms of phrases and sentences?
    o The details of the description?
    o The choice of words?
    o The emotions displayed by the characters?
    o Or all of those?

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    Yes, I do see "Lucielia Louise Turner" as proof of Naylor's ability to write "emotional prose." Although I do see the lengthy description of Mattie's attentions to Ciel after the funeral as a minor example of "emotional prose," I see that Naylor's diction and style also create the emotion in other ways.

    For example, I like how she uses the rhythms of phrases and sentences to create auditory sympathy and emotion, almost like a lullaby of empathy. When Mattie rocks her daughter, emotional prose results ...

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