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Therapy Session Analysis: Dr. Rogers & Gloria

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Dr. Roger and Gloria
Person Centered Therapy

According to the video, please answer the following questions:

1. What are your personal reactions to what Gloria is saying? how does it affect you? what are you feeling as you listen to her?

2. What do you mainly hear Gloria saying?

3. Given the way Gloria presents herself, do you see much hope? Do you believe that there is a positive trustworthy and actualizing tendency within her?

4. In what ways does Dr. Rogers use "himself as a person" to create a relationship with Gloria so that she might work through her problem?

5. If you were working with Gloria, do you think that your relationship with her by itself is sufficient, or would you see a need for interpretation, direction, and active techniques?

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This detailed solution answers questions in regards to a YouTube video between Dr. Rogers and a patient, in regards to person centered therapy.

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Here you go. Thank you.

1. Gloria angers me. She needs to grow up and decide on her actions based on how they make her feel, and what she wants to do. She states that she would not have issues having sex with a man should she be in love with him, but she doesn't feel right having sex just to address her physical desire. If this is the case, she should wait until the right man/situation comes along. In this manner, she will be happier with herself as well as her role as a mother. I feel frustrated when I listen to her because she wants Dr. Rogers to give her a magic answer. However, Gloria already knows she is doing the wrong thing, based upon her feelings of guilt and concern over lying to her daughter. She needs to take responsibilities for her actions.

2. Gloria has a problem addressing herself as a grown, mature woman who makes decisions based upon all facets of her being. Gloria is concerned about ...

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