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tips and tricks to find the right prose

It is often said that prose is the easiest event to do, but the hardest event to do right. Despite the large number of competitors who do prose, students are often struggling to find a prose that has that "certain something" to make into finals of any tournament. This solution offers locations, tips and tricks to find the right prose for you.

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The most fundamental advice I can give is: Don't settle! Keep looking for the prose which makes you want to laugh or cry (preferably both).

Locations to find a good prose: Look in short story collections for "young adults" or "counterculture" fiction collections. Look for new short story publications at Amazon or other large online (or physically real) bookstores. If you have access to large bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, spend a day or two browsing the fiction section for a story which has:
1. first-person narrative
2. a great plot
3. modern language (the more modern the better - avoid O'er, thy, and other "Mr. Burns"-type vocabulary as much as possible)
4. a variety of emotional intensities ...

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This job offers tips and tricks to find the right prose.