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    PowerPoint Usage

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    A fellow coworker mentioned an article at Microsoft Powerpoint Web page ( http://office.microsoft.com/assistance/preview.aspx?AssetID=HA010565471033&CTT=98)

    You read article titled: '' Presentation View: Tools for running a Powerpoint Presentation ''.

    You are excited about what you learned and sent an Instant Message to all the members of the workgroup about what you learned and experimented with.

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    What I have learned:

    I learned that there is a specific feature called presenter view. It has a lot of special features, which makes presenting in font of an audience more user friendly, allows for me to have more control over what I present, and makes for a more smooth and structured presentation.

    To get this feature, I have ...

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    Tips and tricks for using Microsoft Powerpoint are given in the form of a friendly message between business friends.