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Building Alarm Floor Plan

Physical Security. Draw a facility floor plan!

Submit a drawing, as close to scale as possible, of a home or business facility. Design an alarm protection system for it. Show on this drawing all security devices that you propose for use.

Draw the facility floor plan in Microsoft PowerPoint. Show the planned usage of security devices on the floor plan. In addition to the graphic layout of the floor plan and the security devices, submit a one page text summary of your facility design. (This text summary can be a 2nd PowerPoint slide. It is not necessary to submit a separate Word file.) Then submit your facility drawing as an attachment to a mail message.

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This is actually the plan in my house as installed by ADT.

I have altered the drawings to be more precise with overall house dimensions and room ...

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Description/Map of the setup of an alarm for a three floor structure along with descriptions of how the alarm sensors work.