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    Explanation of Wi-Fi Floor Plans

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    A site survey enables you to do it right the first time. Without a site survey, trial and error is the only way to place access points in locations that provide optimum signal. Conducting a site survey is one of the most critical components of properly designing and installing a wireless LAN. Every building is unique, therefore a network consultant should always do a thorough walk-through analyzing signal strength and identifying objects that may interfere with signal strength.

    Analyze the five floor plans in the Floor Plan Site Survey exercise. Each floor plan has only one access point placed in the data center of each building. This will help you determine where other access points are needed. The location of the data center may not always be ideal for optimum signal coverage, but your site survey will determine whether or not it is.

    Complete the tables in Appendix D based on the data gathered in the Floor Plan Site Survey.

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    The conference center
    Identify areas of this floor plan that may present issues when designing your network. Why will these areas present issues? The conference room data center is in a corner, near the concrete wall in the conference room. This wall can obstruct the signal making the strength of the signal weak in certain spots.

    Based on your site survey, do you think that placing the wireless access point in the data center is an ideal location? Would you place it somewhere else in the building? Do you think it will be necessary to have multiple access points in this building? The data center is not a good location, because the signal is being blocked by concrete walls between the conference room and the elevator. Placing it somewhere else would help strengthen the signal in the conference room, depending on the type of connections chosen for the network. Having multiple access points in this building is possible. If the choice is using a physical network, remember the media cable should not be any longer than 300 feet. However, if you choose to use a ...

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