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    Municipal Wi-Fi

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    When you have reviewed these materials and done your own research (please be sure to use appropriate citations for any material that you collect on their own), please write a 3-5 page paper addressing the question:

    Should municipal Wi-Fi continue to be pursued? If so, should this be left to the private sector, government sector, or both?

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    But more recently the effort to provide free municipal Wi-Fi has fallen on hard times. Municipalities have largely relied upon the

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    Should municipal Wi-Fi continue to be pursued? If so should this be left to the private sector, government sector, or both?

    Municipal Wi-Fi has proven to be an expensive technology to implement so far for the past decade and even before. Reaching remote areas via Wi-Fi is comparatively unreasonable in terms of monetary value versus the benefits of the technology since cellular data and subscription to data plans are easier maintenance, less costly (both for the business and the consumer), and works well disregarding the many signal barriers in the 'cloud' environment. Public Wi-Fi was supposed to be a 'wireless fantasy land' [4], however even though independent privately owned organization conducted million dollar market researches and developed technology to develop, install, and implement Wi-Fi in various parts of the country (USA), there has been lack of both immediate ROI as well as long term success and stability. The Wi-Fi in the public domain has not been able to generate any significant value for the citizens or local operations. There have been a few 'not-so-up-to-the-mark' success stories that are still struggling to keep the dream alive.

    Building large-scale public Wi-Fi systems is unfeasible as apparent from the many failed projects. For instance, the Earthlink Wi-Fi in the city of Philadelphia that was built to provide the access to city government offices [5] was a ...

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    This is a discussion of whether municipal Wi-Fi should be established or not. Various advantages and disadvantages of public wi-fi are outlined in this assignment help.