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    Delta Named Top Tech-Friendly U.S. Airline

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    In this very competitive climate, many companies are seeking ways to connect with customers in ways that add value. Mobile and wireless computing have become key focal points to attract and retain customers.

    Review this Article titled "Delta Named Top Tech-Friendly U.S. Airline".

    Search articles on wireless and mobile technologies as well as the application in business. Select one (1) company other than Delta which uses mobile and wireless technology.

    Write (5-6) page paper in which you:

    1. Define wireless technologies and mobile technologies. Next, determine at least three (3) ways which companies or organizations utilize such technologies to improve business efficiency.
    2. Determine the wireless technologies and mobile technologies that Delta has implemented. Next, evaluate the level of efficiency of the technology implementation. Provide a rationale for your response.
    3. Specify the overall manner in which the company that you selected from your research implements organizational systems, wireless technologies, and mobile technologies. Next, evaluate the level of efficiency of such implementation within the selected company. Provide rationale for your response.
    4. Give your opinion as to which company (i.e., Delta or the selected company from your research) is using the mobile and wireless technologies more strategically. Justify your response.
    5. Determine the operational and enterprise systems that support wireless and mobile technologies for each company. Provide a rationale for your response.
    6. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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    //In the information technology world, the use of mobile and wireless technologies has been increasing rapidly. The business organisations are following these practices in their operational process to make it efficient and enhanced. In this context, in the following discussion the use of mobile and wireless technologies is done in context to Virgin America and its comparison with Delta Airlines//
    Introduction to the Wireless and Mobile Technology
    Mobile or wireless technologies are primarily used for sending information from one source to the other in form of radio signals without using wires or cables as a medium. This technology has a wide scope of utilization in every field from transferring of some important confidential data information to switching off the television using remote control. Though wireless communications are being used since 1876, these days this technology is widely used in order to create large wireless computer networks (Agrawal& Zeng, 2015). Wireless technology has led to the evolution of various devices like cordless keyboards, mic, digital cell phones and wireless printers which have become an inevitable part of people lifestyle. The below-mentioned figure further explains the utilization of mobile and wireless technology in everyday life.

    Figure 1: A pictorial representation of the Wireless network and devices (See Figure in attached file)
    Source: Tutorials Point, 2016.
    Some additional characteristics which are beneficial for the users are:
    • Mobility: The mobile technology allows the user to operate and access information from any place and enables the user to conduct business without having any wired connection.
    • Reachability: It improves reachability and connectivity between the people regardless of the location of operation.
    • Simplicity: Wireless systems are easy and fast to operate as compared to the wired cable networks(Agrawal & Zeng, 2015).
    • Maintainability: Mobile and wireless technology do not demand much cost and time for maintenance.
    • Roaming Services: Wireless connectivity gives the benefit of roaming to the user. The user is never bound to access information from the desk or the workplace.
    • New Services: Mobile technologies have various new services for the comfort of the user like SMS and MMS.
    The various methods in which various companies and organizations utilize this technology in order to increase the efficiency of the business are discussed below:
    • Use of mobile application for management work: Many small scale business uses mobile applications to make schedules of ...

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