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Powerpoint Presentation Tips & Tricks

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I need help with creating a powerpoint. What are the tips and tricks I need to know about making a great presentation? I also need a sample powerpoint provided for reference with several slides.

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Please see attached for a sample PowerPoint.

I am glad to answer this post as I teach my students how to prepare PowerPoint presentations in class. I have seen a lot of "common mistakes" that my tips below will help you to avoid.

Some key points regarding PowerPoint presentations are below:

- On your intro slide, you should include a brief outline that you will be discussing in your presentation.

- On content slides, avoid using complete sentences - you should use phrases or key words instead. You don't want to have all information on your slides, just the key points. That way, the listeners are focused on you ...

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This solutions give numerous tips and tricks to creating an effective PowerPoint presentation and also includes a sample presentation.