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    Preparing Effective Powerpoint Presentations

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    I need your help to research the steps necessary to do an effective presentation using PowerPoint. Explore beyond the first results, and look for information that interest you and that you did not know about making effective presentations.

    After your research is complete, post 2-3 tips that you found about doing effective presentations to the Discussion Board. You must have at least 2 tips to share, I need APA format reference

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    Dear Student,

    A presentation is to present a proposal or a new idea put forth by you to an audience. You will need to know whom you are addressing. A presentation consists of Introduction, Body, Closing, Questions and Answers. As the presenter, there will be questions which are out of scope and you will have to know the exact scope of your presentation. You can prepare only few slides from the work you may ...

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    This solution provides steps to prepare an effective Powerpoint presentation.