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Medea characters are assessed.

This posting analyzes the characters of Jason and Medea in Euripides' Medea in terms of what Aristotle says about characters. Does Euripides follow the rules?

Postwar Emerging Issues in Literature

I need some assistance with the following please: The postwar era was initially a placid one in which life, at least on the surface, seemed placid. By the end of the 1950s and into the 1960s, several undercurrents that were stirring in the previous decade began emerging into the mainstream discussions of America. These includ

Literary devices are explained.

These areas are examined: Define the elements of a story Setting Characters Plot Development Symbolism The impact these elements have when used in combination of each other

"Build a Candidate Pipeline through Internships"

Please summarize main idea of the following article in 2 pages or less (12 font double spaced) http://www.ere.net/articles/db/1842E9AB2B36430E9192BDCB20CB4507.asp "Build a Candidate Pipeline through Internships"

Literary concepts are briefly examined.

This posting discusses trends within the Early Seventeenth Century. (1603-1660) such as point of view, use of symbolism, central theme, the writer's style and what work can best exemplify this century and why.

Clear and concise technical instructions are assessed.

This task is achieved: · Choose a technical or electronic product in your home or office. · Conduct a search on the Internet for technical instructions explaining how the device works. · Examine the verbiage, details, clarity, and conciseness of the instructions.

Personal Description Essay

Please help write a Personal Description Essay about educational goals and future aspirations. The essay must include an introduction with thesis, 3-4 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay must use APA Style.

Imagist poets

During this period, poets focused heavily on imagery in their poems. A school of poetry exists called "Imagism," which put much emphasis on the importance of extremely clear imagery in poetry. How do the images used by poets from this period relate to the larger political realities of the period?

Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus

These questions are debated: We know Frankenstein made conscious choices such as not telling anyone Justine was innocent. What of the creature? Do you think he was capable of knowing and understanding right from wrong? Is this a horror story as we think of one today? What makes it a horror story or prevents it from being

This paper offers ideas about cloning and Frankenstein.

Topic: Cloning I need some ideas to write a five page researched paper. Based on the reading Shelley's Frankenstein. Need to focus on deal with current issues in the medical and/or scientific field that directly relate to society today or to an issue of personal responsibility or a moral or ethical dilemma. Three outside sourc

Analyzing Children's Literature for High School or College. What do the classic stories tell us about the nature of humanity? What does Alice in Wonderland have to tell us about motherhood? What can Harry Potter tell us about universal symbols? How can I get started?

Ever have trouble coming up with an idea for a paper on Children's Literature? This article will help with just that problem. It will give you tips for analysis, ideas for themes, lists of stories, and thorough examples of topics. It also includes a list of resources for additional information.

Ishmael's Character

What do you think of the narrator, Ishmael? Describe his character - is he reliable? What do we learn about him?

Analyze Arguments in an Article

Referring to the assigned essay, "Should College Athletes Be Paid?" analyze the author's use of argument to communicate the ideas in the article. Explain how the author supports his argument.

Mark Twain comparisons in "Two ways of Seeing a River"

Discuss Twain's use of comparison-contrast in "Two ways of Seeing a River." Does he compare or contrast the ideas/subjects in his essay? Does he use a point-by-point or block pattern? What, exactly, is he comparing/contrasting, and to what end? http://grammar.about.com/od/60essays/a/twowaysessay.htm

Article Review: Example Problem

Go to an authoritative resource 1. Find a current authored article (nothing anonymous) on a current social or health or wellness or educational issue that interests you. 2. Share why both the issue and the article interest you for discussion. 3. You must also provide an in-text quote from the article you are discussing,

Process Paragraph

You have been asked to submit a process paragraph on one of two topics: 1. How to Find the Perfect Mate 2. How to Change a Flat Tire Knowing what you have learned about process papers, choose one topic and discuss how you would employ some of the following elements: organization, tools, fixed, loose, order, preparation.

Cause-Effect as a Writing Method of Development

Explain why cause-effect as a writing method of development that calls for rational thought and careful planning. Why does she view the skills that go along with this method-discovering reasons and predicting results - as essential skills that will help you in college and beyond?

Slang, Clichés, and Wordiness

Define and discuss the three categories of words: slang, clichés, and wordiness. Explain the justifications for limiting the use of these categories in college writing. Also cite situations for which it would be considered appropriate to include slang and clichés in written work.

Article Summary: Example Problem

Explain how you would proceed through the five steps for writing an article summary. Step 1: Choose a Topic and Find Sources of Information Step 2: Evaluate Sources of Information Step 3: Read the Article Thoroughly Step 4: Draft Your Summary Step 5: Format, Proofread, and Cite Your Source

Effective Arguments

This posting explains why it might not always be equitable to judge a written argument based on whether or not it changed the reader's opinion about the subject. What should determine whether an argument is well written or not?

Help with essay ideas is given.

Help with a comparison-contrast essay paper is given. This paper differentiates between high school and college courses. It explains the process/steps to set up a paper.