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Business and literature are contrasted.

What element or aspect of business can't literature capture? (Or what element or aspect does it capture only badly?) For example, does literature fail because of the limits of language? Is some aspect of business simply too complex-or too boring-to make good fiction?

Literature and Business

If you look at Short's background (, you'll see that he's done quite a bit of traditional research, and published a number of essays. You might ask why he uses stories. Short gives one reason. He says, "People aren't going to remember a long list of boring facts. But they will remem

Character types are briefly discussed.

I wrote "Writing with flat characters and rounded characters is like the difference between two dimensions and three dimensions. The flat character is often just a character with no real personality traits except maybe one or two. We have no real way of getting to know these characters because the author gives us nothing to buil

Participial phrases and absolute phrases

Need help lilsting the participial and absolute phrases in the following sentences. Next to each part. phrase, write the word/words it modifies. Label each phrase participial or absolute. 1. A bookbinder using gold and jewels could make the cover really lovely. 2. The printing press changing things, books looked different af

Participial phraes

Combine each of the following pairs of sentences by turning one setence into a participial phrase or an absolute phrase. Underline the participial phraes and absolute phraes in your rewritten sentences. I am having trouble with a few of these. 1. The braider repeats the process with the right strand. The braider contines the br

Help Me

Write an essay to address the following question: "Why do you choose Chemistry or Chemical Engineering as your major of interest?" Focus on who you are and use your personal stories to support your arguments. Thanks.

Setting and the action

Can you please explain in "The Man to Send Rain Clouds" by Leslie Silko how the setting is communicated, and how the setting and the action of the story relate.

Need help diagraming

Diagram these sentences that include prepositional phrases 1. Edward Frost made famous rug patterns and sold them along the New England roads. 2. These old rugs were useful and beautiful to the eye. 3. During the nineteenth century, rug making was popular. I was having trouble with these 3.

Examining the transition from Old to Middle English is achieved.

The transition from Old to Middle English is a huge topic. The only way in which it can be effectively tackled in a single paper is to take the central premise and make reference to one, specific feature. In this case the example will be the changing figure of Christ.