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    The Canterbury Tales

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    Ideas about the possible meanings of the Parson's Tale and Retraction are given.

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    Please allow some of my brainstorming to help:

    As you make further connections, I also feel that the PT offers a sense of closure with the Parson's promise,
    "To shewe yow the wey, in this viage,
    Of thilke parfit glorious pilgrymage
    That highte Jerusalem celestial."
    In other words, it seems like a perfect way to end the Canterbury pilgrimage.

    Since you talked about the theme of penitence, you might elaborate how the PT also intertwines the theme of
    Penitence using the tree metaphor. Chaucer suggests that penitence is "the tree of lyf." Since it is also associated with stability, you might discuss how this metaphor operates. Just as the tree contains stability, ...

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