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Imagist poets

During this period, poets focused heavily on imagery in their poems. A school of poetry exists called "Imagism," which put much emphasis on the importance of extremely clear imagery in poetry. How do the images used by poets from this period relate to the larger political realities of the period?

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The images used by poets from these periods reflect larger political realities of the periods. For example, you might note that Richard Aldington's work embodies strong political undertones pertaining to WWI. Because of Aldington's active duty during WWI, his work often "synthesizes fears and desires he felt during combat" (http://www.imagists.org/aldington/biography.html). I also like his poem, "Childhood." Its imagery reflects the disillusion felt by war. Please note how he says, "THE bitterness. the misery, the wretchedness of childhood
Put me out of love with God." Because of the war and political strive, he doubts God as he says, "I can't ...

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