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    Medieval Pilgrimage and Controversy

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    Help is given with the topic, Medieval Pilgrimage and Controversy: who was for it and who was against it and why.

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    Please allow some of my ideas to facilitate your research:

    Please note that one prominent researcher about this topic is Kaelber. He looks at this controversy by calling it "medieval ambivalence about pilgrimage." He suggests that it contradicts the conventional image of medieval pilgrimage "as a sacred, hazardous and strenuous endeavor based on a shared theological framework..." Instead, he shows that pilgrimage has "always attracted a plurality of dissenting meanings, particularly with respect to the liminal status of both pilgrimage and pilgrim."

    This data comes from an excerpt from From Medieval Pilgrimage to Religious Tourism: The Social and Cultural Economics of Piety. By: Rountree, Kathryn. Sociology of Religion, Summer2005, Vol. 66 Issue 2, p211-212, 2p;
    I searched under EBSCO Host history in my university's library for a short overview. I did not find the full article.

    Research also suggests that "well before the Reformation doubts about pilgrimage are expressed by significant theologians such as St Jerome and Thomas a Kempis."

    If you want a plethora of data, please research about the Lollards and ...

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    Medieval Pilgrimage and Controversy are areas of emphasis.