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Run-on sentences

This is a one-page handout explaining the run-on sentence and offering several different solutions for fixing it. Examples of run-ons are taken from actual student papers submitted in a college composition course.

Why did willaim golding write lord of the flies?

A part of my book review is to explain willliam goldings purpose in writing Lord Of The Flies. I have he rest of the essay figured out, but this peice is puzzling me. i have found that he was foreshadowing a war to come, but that is all i could find. do you have any reasons of why he wrote this?

Definition Writing

How do I re-write this in definition? My instructor says this decribes not defines. Sitting in my Daughter's bedroom is an old teddy bear. It doesn't look like anything special, just a plain white teddy bear standing about 15 inches tall. It has black buttons for eyes, and the white stuffing is poking out of several h

Getting rid of cliches

Reviewed the passage, revise it say what it means in plain English! "The man was like a bull in a china shop. Even though he got through the door as smooth as silk, he really ended up getting stuck between a rock and a hard place. He was something of a round peg in a square hole, and even though the tough get going when the

Proposal addressed to the Dean

3 page proposal addressed to the Dean of the College of Business urging him to retain/remove the "Business Communication" course from the curriculum for future academic years. Writing. 1. pre-writing (1-2 pages) 2. a rough draft(2) 3. a revised draft (2) 4. final copy, edited and proof read.(3) There will be 4 separa

Literary and Poetic Terminology Handout

Taking a literature course and trying to write a literary analysis? Is your understanding of the literary terminology that has been discussed in class less than complete? Then this ten-page handout is an ideal reference. The terms are arranged in alphabetical order and several examples from a wide variety of literary works (bo

Emerson's View of The Poet and Longfellow Whittier and Poe

In the essay "The Poet" Ralph Waldo Emerson describes his idea of the American Poet but concludes by saying "I look in vain for the poet I describe." Whittier, Longfellow, and Poe are all American poets, In what ways do they meet Emerson's Criteria for The poet and in what ways do they fail to meet his criteria?

My topic is Breast Cancer.

1. Can you help me with the question; I need one complete sentence for my thesis statement. It should be focused on a specific content area and indicate the question, debate, or conflict that arises when people (yourself included) talk about this subject. 2. Give a description of three specific claims of this thesis statemen


This job offers ideas about the role of women in Victorian society and how did the author present this in the story, "Dracula."

Rate the sources

Rate the sources by discussing in a complete paragraph its strengths and weaknesses, and its relevance to your topic, research question, and possible thesis statement. My topic is breast cancer: Source 1:Kristin Rhodes's life was on track. At 32, she had finished graduate school, and she and her husband had booked a v

Journal Prompt #1

Are you required to keep a journal for class? Do you often find yourself tapped out of ideas about what to write? Never fear! Fresh prompts are here! This is the first in a series of prompts that I am posting. Each prompt includes a background introduction and a series of questions to help you brainstorm a response. You sh

Essay Writing Basics

This is the topic, " Discuss the concept of Success" The first two essays are to be written in two different rhetorical modes regarding the subject matter you selected. Remember to choose only one topic from below and explore it in two different ways by using two different modes. For essay #1, use one of the following r

Logical Fallacies and the Black Plaque

(See attached file for full problem description) --- Logical Fallacies and the Black Plaque This exercise requires you to look at a historical event, the Black Plague, and evaluate the claims made about its cause by those living at the time. Here is some background: In October 1347, Italian ships on the Black Sea en r

Brushing up on fundamentals/The writing process

Using the four steps in the writing process (planning, drafting, revising, and editing), write a 2-3 page essay on one of the topics below: 1. Teaching styles for motivating adult learners. The following has to be submitted with the essay. Planning material--Your pre-writing or planning material can consist of notes,

American Literature I

(See attached file for full problem description) --- The following are a number of reading selections from various authors as well as a number of questions which correspond to those readings. When you answer the question, be sure to write down the question number and copy the question. Take your time and give complete answ

Compare/Contrast Essay Editorial Questionnaire

Are you a freshman composition student who has been assigned to write a compare/contrast essay? Do you not have the time or money to spend having an OTA tutor you this time around? This five-item, two-page questionnaire will allow you to become a better self-editor of your own compare/contrast essay. You can also use it as a

The Yellow Wallpaper

Please help. This is supposed to be a group project but I really haven't had much help in that are. The assignment had three parts. I have already completed the first two but I am having problems pulling the last part together: here is what it asks to do. 1. Examine your group's first set of responses and look for ways in w

American Literature I

I would like for you to answer these 11 questions. If you would like the reading material I can send that information also. --- Unit 1 Assignment The following are a number of reading selections from various authors as well as a number of questions which correspond to those readings. When you answer the question, be su

Storytelling and Style

Create a character, real or imagined, with a distinct manner of behaving or style of talking. Put this character in a situation where he or she plays a public role (the public persona shown to others) and contrast it with the character's private persona (the real character when no one is watching). Narrate your episode or vignet