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    The writing process

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    I need intro with thesis at the end and conclusion to support thesis

    body is to support topics from intro

    also what is the problem, cause and affect and solution

    Bibliography at the end

    need to be in MLA format

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    Dear Student,
    Thank you for posting this assignment with us. Prior to completing this posting for you, I did mention that we do not write the entire assignment for any students for any level and any reason. That is not our responsibility at all, but we are here primarily to help you become stronger writers and more effecient learners; ultimately, our job here is to help you become independent writers. This may not happen from one tutoring experience, but it may take up to a few tries, depending on how willing you are to try everything I'm about to provide you in the rest of the responses here to your posting. Please do take deep consideration where I'm coming from with our company's policies. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with anything at all because for one, I will walk you through every step that you need to take to successfully complete such an assignment as what you have posted. As well, I will provide secondary handouts for you that I have carefully researched online but only from legitimate websites. In other words, I have filtered through websites that are not supposed to be used for academic papers. The additional articles (for the research part of this assignment of yours) are for your advantage so that you can learn more about the issue. I have already read them all carefully before deciding to attach them for your convenience. Just like I am doing, I need you to read ALL and EVERY part of this response very carefully as well as all the attached documents you will receive with the responses here.

    Without further "lecturing", I will go into the steps of writing this type of essay for you. (It again, is your responsibility to try all the steps that I will have provided for you, on your own. Any other future questions you may encounter can be emailed back to me here without further charge. I will be glad to answer your questions in the future after you will have read the responses to your posting here.)

    In order to write a flawless Introduction, you need to know your topic thoroughly by reading all the attached News articles that this response comes with. I have thoroughly searched three easy-to-read articles from the United Nations, BCC, and CNN. These are extremely legitimate websites to use for this particular paper. I copied and pasted them into "Word" format for you so that it would be easy to print.

    The thesis part of the introduction does exist at the very last sentence, and it MUST contain an argument. You have to take one side of what seems to be the worst problem of this case, child soldiers in Africa. You need to decide what the primary problem is. (I have attached a sample essay and bolded the sample thesis statement from that sample essay for you to see how it was written by someone else.) I will provide you the necessary steps for you next so that you will be able to create one yourself. After having read all the News articles myself, I find that the third article from the "Must Read Handouts" attached document from CNN most beneficial to your paper. Please do me a favor and read that article thoroughly ...

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