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Journal Writing help is given.

These questions are posed: 1. How might someome use/organize content such as topics, readings, quotes, and other content resources in a journal? 2. What format/style might be usedfor keeping a journal? 3. What are the benefits of a professional resource portfolio and examples? Where can I find information to assit me wit

The Canterbury Tales are explicated.

This posting offers help with locating a passage of not more than 15 lines that you regard as a particularly effective description of one of the characters. Using that passage as evidence, it deduces 2 or 3 "rules" that an effective character description must fulfill.

Help is given with a Short Story Analysis.

These questions are considered about the short story: ~Setting ~Theme ~Why the Title? ~Ethical Dilemma? ~Literature Piece a work of art? ~Shaped for emotion? ~What is the behavior and value of the character? Just Lather, That's All Translated by Donald A. Yates He said nothing when he entered. I was passing the bes

Barbara Drake, professor at Michigan State University

Barbara Drake, professor at Michigan State University and author of numerous books on the craft of poetry, suggests that making lists and cataloguing can help the writer generate and organize material for a poem. After all, who does not make lists? The nouns or images in a list can often unwittingly yield connections, subtle a

Compare and Contrast

I am to compare and contrast William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily"and Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" plot, characters, setting, and point of view. I need to include some quotes from the short stories to illustrate my points. I have come of with some points but do not have enough to write a 1400 word paper. I really

World Lit II is explored in terms of "A Simple Heart" by Gustav Flaubert.

These questions are emphasized: In "A Simple Heart" by Gustav Flaubert "A Simple Heart" in some ways is about dissatisfaction with society and its pressures. The country is a place of retreat, of failure and pettiness. A fascinating world beckons the youth in Flaubert's story just as it does the youth of today. Victor joi

World Lit II is explored in terms of Moliere.

These inquiries are examined: In Tartuffe we see two characters who act with supposedly pious intentions: Tartuffe and Orgon. Tartuffe is the most blatant hypocrite in the play because he pretends to be pious in order to elevate himself in social rank so he can enjoy a life of luxury. Orgon has an unquestioning belief that

Lorraine Hansberry's play is assessed in terms of characters, plot, climax, etc.

This posting addresses these issues: Where do the major elements of a play's structure begin and end in Hansberry work? For example, what part of the play marks the beginning of the work's climax? (1 Paragraph) In Acts I and II, how does Bobo serve as a foil to Walter Lee? Among the other supporting characters, what is th

This posting offers reader response ideas about the short story.

This posting uncovers these ideas: Read Tobias Wolfe's "Say Yes" .While reading, begin to journal your responses using the following guidelines and categories, and prior to writing your precis, write a journaled response focusing on these categories. Needs to be 3 Paragraphs Journal Your First Impressions: Take time t

Literary heroes are explored.

This posting answers this inquiry with sample ideas: Heroes and how we understand them are frequently influenced by the society in which they live or the times and events within their life spans. Create four visually dynamic slides that study the make-up of these heroes. (Tie the elements of the presentation together. Include


You are part of the studio senior review committee selected to determine a working definition of heroism by examining the roles heroes and heroines in earliest literary works. Define heroism using your understanding or your experience of heroic figures both in your personal life as well as according to the standard Aristotelian

Warrant Cause and Effect

1. Define warrant in your own words, and explain why the warrant is important in an argument. 2. Select either "Finding Your Future," "Stop Me Before I Shop Again," or "Runner's Story" and explain whether it uses inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, or both. Make sure you illustrate your claims with evidence (examples

Claim and Support are identified.

This posting analyzes a chosen selection for the claim and support of its argument. It also analyzes a selection for all aspects of claim, support, and the relationship between the two using these core questions: What is the central claim (thesis) of the essay you're analyzing? Where is it located in the essay? What type of

A Student Survival Guide is listed.

IHelp with a Student Survival Guide is given. It should touch upon these 5 areas: Conducting Successful Library and Internet Searches, Upholding Academic Honesty, Developing Effective Study Skills, Managing Time Wisely and setting and achieving goals. Use details to make your action plans realistic as possible. Possible sub topi

A review of King's speech is given.

This posting identifies the methods that King uses to make his language clearer, vivid, and appropriate. It also comments on King's use of familiar words, concrete words, imagery, and organization in the writing.

Literary heroes are listed.

This posting offers a current understanding of what a heroic character is and the role of such a figure ought to play in our culture.