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    Guide to Constructing Sexual Harassment Policy Paper

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    Assume you are the Director of Human Resources for your company. The company has asked you to draft a sexual harassment policy for the company that will both protect employees against sexual harassment and the company against liability.
    Research the Internet, textbook and various sources and write a 1000-1500 word paper, double-spaced paper in APA Style that addresses the following questions, referencing your sources:
    1. What constitutes sexual harassment? How does sexual harassment differ from gender discrimination?
    2. What constitutes quid pro quo sexual harassment? Give two examples.
    3. What constitutes hostile environment sexual harassment? Give two examples.
    4. What factors contribute to a determination of whether behavior is sexual harassment?
    5. How is "unreasonable" behavior determined?
    6. What kinds of situations are considered "severe and pervasive"?
    7. What makes behavior "unwelcome"?

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    Hello! You have not specified what sort of academic assistance, advice, or guidance you are looking for pertaining to your assignment. As you know, Brainmass.com cannot write assignments for students; we are here to help you better understand the assignment and give guidance to you to help you construct your own response.

    Given that you have not posed any specific questions to us that you have concerning your assignment, what I can do is offer you some general ideas for taking your first steps in this paper. Also understand that I do not have access to your textbook (mentioned in the assignment), so be sure to utilize that resource when you are writing your paper.

    You need to begin by writing a clear thesis statement, like the following: "In this paper, I will be defining sexual harassment. To support my definition, I will discuss examples of certain types of sexual harassment and attempt to differentiate sexual harassment from other types of behavior. Last, I will explore some possibilities for a sexual harassment policy for an American company in 2010."

    Of course, you might want a lead-in sentence of some sort before you get this specific, so your first sentence or two might say something like, "The concept of sexual harassment is as old as the concept of people working together. But it was not discussed, defined, defended against, or punished for most of humankind's history. Indeed, it was not considered morally wrong or illegal until the mid to late twentieth century. Before this time, many workers considered what we term sexual harassment a distasteful but expected part of their work environment, and many supervisors viewed sexual overtures toward their inferiors as one of the many inherent entitlements and benefits of being the boss. Sexual harassment still remains a hotly-contested and much-discussed issue in today's workplace, in part because so many of the terms, adjectives, examples and attitudes that deal with it are not "set in stone," nor agreed-upon by all."

    You don't have to write an intro or thesis exactly like this, especially if your instructor prefers that you not write in first-person. BUT remember that a thesis statement declares what you believe and what you intend to prove. Your thesis statement should be specific-it should cover only what you will discuss in your paper and should be supported with specific evidence. The thesis statement usually appears at the ...

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    This solution is a thorough guide to constructing a Human Resources Policy statement on sexual harassment in the workplace which both defines and explains sexual harassment per se, and establishes the "company policy" on sexual harassment. It contains many reference websites with legal definitions, case law citations and illustrative data, which help focus and sharpen the picture of what constitutes sexual harassment. If constructing a sexual harassment policy paper, this solution should not be overlooked.