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    Developing a formal policy against sexual harassment

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    As the new Human Resource Manager for your organization you notice that the company does not have a formal policy against sexual harassment. You realize the implications of not having such a policy and have decided to make this your first project.

    1. Develop a policy that is realistic and thorough, with valid reasoning and effective documentation (application of research).

    2. This policy should be prepared as a document that your organization will use to convey the sexual harassment policy to employees.
    Therefore, it should be written as the policy itself rather than a general report on what a policy should include.

    3. Along with the policy, include the steps the employee will take to report a claim and the investigative process the company will follow if a sexual harassment complaint is received from an employee.

    This is a research assignment so will need to apply and cite textbook (Dessler, G. Human Resource Management, 11 edition Chapters 1-4) and additional internet resources, to create the policy.

    Must do in-text citing and provide references.

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    Formal Policy on Sexual Harassment


    The company operates on the basis of equal employment opportunity. It is highly devoted for the establishment of a healthy working environment that can enable employees to work without fear of injustice, gender bias and sexual harassment (Boland, 2005). The company also believes that all of its employees have the right to be dealt with self-regard. Sexual harassment in company or other than company if linking employees is a serious offence and is, consequently, liable to be punished.

    The Supreme Court has also guided all companies to develop regulations and a forum for redressal of grudges associated with sexual harassment. For the effective execution and management of policy, a committee has been established. The committee will be responsible for the consideration and redressal of complaints of Sexual Harassment (Mathis & Jackson, 2006).


    1. This policy is applicable for all employees of the company and as well as it is incorporated in all types of service conditions of all employees. As well, it comes into effect instantly.

    2. In workplace, sexual harassment pertains to following activities:
    - Uninvited sexual proceeds, petitions or demand for sexual prefers, either overtly or unconditionally, in return for work, advancement, test or rating of a person towards different company activities (Boland, 2005).
    - Eve teasing, insinuations and rags, physical detention in opposition to one's will and obtruding one's secrecy.
    - Undesirable sexual approaches including verbal, non-verbal, or physical demeanour like sexually tinted comments, pranks, posts, phone calls, e-mail, motions, physical contact or harassment, demonstration of pornography, ...

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