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    Developing a Formal Company Sexual Harassment Policy

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    As the new Human Resource Manager for your organization you notice that the company does not have a formal policy against sexual harassment. You realize the implications of not having such a policy and have decided to make this your first project.

    Develop a policy that is realistic and thorough, with valid reasoning and effective documentation (application of research). This policy should be prepared as a document that your organization will use to convey the sexual harassment policy to employees. Therefore, it should be written as the policy itself rather than a general report on what a policy should include.

    Along with the policy, include the steps the employee will take to report a claim and the investigative process the company will follow if a sexual harassment complaint is received from an employee.

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    Sexual harassment is the form of sex discrimination in which abusive words and actions of a sexual nature are persistent and this affects the working environment of the organization. Passing bad comments on clothes and body behavior, cracking sexual jokes, derogatory gestures, pictures and sketches of sexual nature, touching the person in an inappropriate way, etc. Are various examples.

    Laws against sexual harassment are designed to protect people from the boss, colleagues and customers. Both sex I. E. Men and women are sexually harassed. There are two federations which are working against sexual harassment. They are: The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Global Union federation (GUF). It is responsibility of the employer to take care of their employees from the sexual harassment and also to solve their grievances on this matter. Organization must have policies and procedures against sexual harassment, if a person is facing sexual harassment how he will investigate and how complaints will be registered, all these factors will be included in the policy (Lewis, 2001).

    Importance of Sexual Harassment Policy

    Nowadays, organization culture is automated and informal, which increases the cases of sexual harassment. To avoid all these cases, organization follows the policies which include monetary and non-monetary benefits to the victim for the damages, etc. These actions create a serious impact on the employee's morale and brand image of the organization. This policy is formulated and implemented in the company and involve the top management. If top management is in the process, then all the policies are taken seriously ...

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