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    Ethics and Morality Issues

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    Q1: Can you be moral without being religious?

    Q2: How would either a Kantian or utilitarianism view a grading curve in this exam?

    Q3: What do you tell the couple? And why?

    Poor family who got a Twins, boy and girl. A few years later, the twins have met at the university by coincidence but they didnâ??t know each other. That happened when the boy got to the wrong class by mistake. As a result, he decided to drop the other class and stick with this class instead because he likes her. The relationship has developed until they decided to get married. At last they figured out that they are brother and sister by the DNA

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    Morality and Religion
    Morality is a person's concern and behaviour as regards the distinction between good and evil, between right and wrong whereas religion is the belief in the existence of supernatural powers who has control over that person's destiny and that of humanity.
    Yes, a person can definitely be moral while that person has no religion. A person can lose his faith without losing his morality. This is so because the distinction between good and evil is not exclusive to the dogma enforced by religion. How a person decide that an action or a situation is good or evil, or right or wrong is influenced by the totality of that person's experience and environment. Admittedly, that person's religion contributes to his experience; however it is not the only contributing factor.
    Thus it is common to hear phrases like "He lost his faith, but not his morality." As the absence of religion doesn't preclude the development of a person's belief system which influences how he distinguishes right from wrong, good from evil. This ...

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