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    Is Earth Day still relevant today?

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    Earth day.

    Is it still relevant or has it become like Thanksgiving to one day when people care about hunger?

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    Earth Day is probably more significant and relevant today than when it was founded April 22, 1970, by Senator Gaylord Nelson. Reference site: http://earthday.envirolink.org/history.html.

    Earth Day celebrates the planet we live on - mistreated and abused though she may be. It is still common to have tree-planting ceremonies in honor of Earth Day in towns and cities across the nation today, forty years after Earth Day began. The reasons that the day was recognized for are still valid ones today. Our planet needs its citizens (and not just the ones in the United States) to recognize the danger of doing what is most expedient, without regard for the future consequences ...

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    Justification for Earth Day's relevance today.