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Which biome would you save and why?

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If you could only pick one biome that could be preserved which one would it be and why?

Use your own words and idea.

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A discussion and justification for which one of the world's biomes you would choose to save, and the reasons why is provided.

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You did not specify what formatting protocol you are expected to use for this class - APA and MLA require varied word choices, and different formats for citing references. I am assuming this is not a part of this assignment, but it would help in future if you could mention what protocol you are expected to use, so that OTAs can more efficiently assist, especially if there are expectations regarding this that you are expected to follow.

The world's biomes are its varied environments. These include freshwater, marine, desert, forest, grassland and tundra. Of these, if only one could be salvaged, I would choose marine. Water makes up the primary component of the marine biome. This biome sustains more varied life forms than the other biomes do. In fact, there are theories that all life originated from the oceans. The sheer mass of the water in the oceans that cover the majority of the ...

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