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    Antigone help

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    I have to write a prediction for each of the following characters: Antigone, Ismene, KIng Creon

    I have to use evidence of foreshadowing.

    Sections: Prologue, Scene I, Scene II

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    As you make predictions for Antigone, the Prologue suggests that the decrees will bring more suffering as the foreshadowing occurs with Antigone's proclamation, "You would think that we had already suffered enough for the curse on our father, Oedipus. I cannot imagine any grief that you and I have not gone through. And now--have they told you of the new decree of our uncle, King Creon?" Because Antigone mentions the curse, it seems to foreshadow that she and her sister, too, will succumb to it. When Antigone also implores her sister, "This is s
    something we must do," it also seems to suggest that Antigone's stern, persistent attitude will continue to grow.

    When Antigone further challenges her sister, "There it is, and now you can prove what you are: a true sister, or a traitor to your family," I really see foreshadow set the plot into motion.

    When Antigone declares, "But I will bury him, and if I must die, I say that ...

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    The expert writes a prediction for each character. The evidence of foreshadowing is determined.