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    Literary Heroes

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    Heroes and how we understand them are frequently influenced by the society in which they live or the times and events within their life spans. Create four visually dynamic slides that study the make-up of these heroes. (Tie the elements of the presentation together. Include supporting rationale for making your selections). Use your research to draw specific conclusions about actual events which shaped their image. Use your judgment to make comments regarding their perspective on life which is central to their works. Compare and contrast these four figures. Elaborate in detail why you chose the figures you selected.

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    As you complete your project about heroes and how we understand them, please allow some of my notes to help you to create your four slides:

    First, your idea of Sherlock Holmes is a super choice. You need to offer a rationale about what makes him heroic.

    You might examine or offer how Holmes' intellect and wisdom make him heroic. His vulnerability and loneliness also allow readers to empathize with him as he finds success despite his flaws. He is further heroic because of his strong attention to detail; he is thorough and meticulous as he solves mysteries such as "The Adventure of the Speckled Band," "The Red-Headed League," and "The Naval Treaty." He is also heroic because unlike others, he does not rely on his looks to merely achieve success; he uses his brain.

    Other links related to Holmes for you to integrate might ...

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